Arduino based projects


oblu (IMU) precisely guiding an arduino based robot

The robot moves in a pre-programmed path and transmits its current coordinates to a phone for real-time tracking. An Android application Xoblu is used for real-time tracking on phone. The robot's movement is NOT remotely controlled, except start / stop commands. oblu (IMU) senses motion and communicates movement information to Arduino. Based on the programmed path and the motion information (sent by oblu), Arduino controls wheels' movements.

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oblu (IMU) controlling movements of an Arduino based robot

Somewhat excited to share this new experiment in autonomous robotics, performed with the opensource oblu (IMU - inertial measurement unit). Once again oblu controls movements of Arduino based robot. This time we implemented little more sophisticated error correction mechanism. Robot traverses a predefined path, which consists of multiple straight line segments of 0.5 meters. Black crosses on the floor are for marking purpose only. After making ten 90 degree (5 left, 5 right) and one 180 degree turn, robot ends its journey at the start point. Stay tuned for more excitement. Guaranteed.

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